Nicholas Rimell

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Name: Nicholas Rimell


Email: nrimell@jlu.edu.cn


Basic information: male, born 1984 April 4, lecturer at Jilin University, School of Philosophy and Sociology


Main research interests: metaphysics, philosophy of mind


Additional interests: epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of language


Academic education and work career experience:

· 2002 August - 2006 May: B.A. in Philosophy and in English, Duke University

· 2007 September - 2008 August: M.A. in Humanities, University of Chicago

· 2009 September - 2018 May: Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Virginia, May 2018

· 2018 September - 2018 December: Visiting Scholar at Jilin University, School of Philosophy and Sociology

· 2019 January - present: Lecturer at Jilin University, School of Philosophy and Sociology



· “Persons, Stages, and Tensed Belief,” Erkenntnis 83, 3 (2018): 577-593.



· Representational Content and the Objects of Thought (director: Trenton Merricks, University of Virginia)



· Marc Sanders Graduate Student Paper Prize in value theory (awarded for “Sex, Deception, and Will,” Eastern APA meeting, Baltimore, MD, January 2017)


Conference Presentations

· “Persistence, Thought, and Personhood.” Central APA meeting, Chicago, IL, Feb. 2014.

· “Reimagining the Epistemic Objection to Non-Presentist A-Theories.” International Association for the Philosophy of Time meeting, Winston-Salem, NC, June 2016.

· “Sex, Deception, and Will.” Eastern APA meeting, Baltimore, MD, January 2017.

·  “Persistence on the Edge.” Central APA, Philosophy of Time Society meeting, Kansas City, MO; March 2017.

· With Matthew Adams. “A Dilemma for the Future-Like-Ours Argument against Abortion.” Central APA meeting (poster session), Chicago, IL, February 2018.

· “The Real Moral of Too-Many-Thinkers.” Conference: The Change in Paradigm of Human Civilization and its Relation to Innovations in Philosophical Ideas. Changchun, Jilin Province, China, June 2018.

· “Russellian Propositions and Necessary Existence.” Central APA, Bertrand Russell Society meeting, Denver, Co; February 2019.


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